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The Freedom of Information Act, 2011 (“FoI”) is an Act enacted by the National Assembly with the overall aim of improving public access to information . The FoI seeks to amongst other issues, to make public records and information more freely available; ease public access to public records and information; protect public records and information to the extent consistent with public interest and the protection of personal privacy; protect serving public officers from adverse consequences of the disclosure of certain kinds of information without authorization, and establishes procedures for the achievement of the stated aims, and related matters.


The Development Bank of Nigeria

The Development Bank of Nigeria Plc (“DBN”) is a public limited liablility company registered under the Companies and Allied Matters Act (“CAMA”) and licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria (“CBN”) as a wholesale Development Finance Institution.

DBN's shareholders are the Ministry of Finance Incorporated ("MOFI"), the Nigeria Sovereign Investment Authority ("NSIA"), the African Development Bank ("AfDB") and the European Investment Bank ("EIB").

DBN complies with the Fol because the Federal Government of Nigeria is the ultimate beneficial owner of the shares held by the MOFI and the NSIA in DBN. DBN is however not a Ministry, Department or Agency of the Federal Government of Nigeria and does not receive any budgetary allocation or capital releases from the Office of the Accountant-General of the Federation.

Right of Access to Information

DBN ensures that qualifying information is freely disclosed on the Bank's website, Annual Reports and through print and digital media to stakeholders.

Accordingly, DBN is committed to:

  • Making public records and information freely available.
  • The proactive and periodic disclosure of qualifying information.
  • Providing public access, to qualifying records and information.
  • Protecting public records and information to the extent consistent with the public interest and the protection of personal privacy.

Any person may request or access qualifying information from DBN.

Designation of a Freedom of Information Officer

In compliance with Section 2 of the Fol and related guidance, DBN has established an FOI Desk through which its Fol obligations are managed. DBN has also designated an Fol Officer to man the Fol Desk.

The contact details of DBN's Fol Officer, are as shown below:

profile picture
Shofola Osho

Freedom of Information Officer

Development Bank of Nigeria Plc.

Plot 1386A, Tigris Crescent,
Maitama, Abuja.


09904 0000 EXT 1010,
EXT 1031,
EXT 1039


The DBN Fol Desk is mandated to:

  • Ensure the proactive disclosure of relevant information, periodically
  • Review Fol applications for access to information and records
  • Ensure that applications are brought to the notice of appropriate Departments, or Units within DBN, as soon as requests are received.
  • Liaise with other Departments, to address requests.
  • Consult, where necessary, with other stakeholders in and outside DBN on FOI-related matters.
  • Ensure the appropriate and timely response to all Fol requests.
  • Record all FOI requests and the actions taken.
  • Prepare and submit the Annual Fol Report to the Office of the Attorney-General of the Federation.
  • Ensure that DBN's Annual Fol Report is published and is easily accessible by the public.
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